About the Global Smash Blast Electronic Components Distributor

Smash Blast Electronics was established in China in 2010. Smash Blast Electronics is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B accredited authorized franchisee and a global leader in innovative electronic components and logistics solutions.

Seamless global network

Smash Blast Electronics operates a global sourcing network that enables us to seamlessly deliver our services and products worldwide. This network consists of a robust set of systems, skills and tools that we use to effectively manage production and services, regardless of geographic location, cost point, technology or end market needs.

Smash Blast provides a one-stop, value-added service to its global customer network designed to reduce response times, increase supply chain flexibility, reduce order delivery costs and inventory investments, and help customers optimize their total cost of ownership.

Supply Chain Management

Smash Blast Electronics creates an integrated supply chain with our customers and suppliers by being a seamless extension of their operations. We provide "best in class" processes, IT tools and people.

Strong financial performance

Smash Blast Electronics achieved strong financial performance by judiciously managing our investments and working capital, actively controlling costs and ensuring that our revenue growth was in line with our financial return expectations. Smash Blast Electronics employs prudent risk management and corporate governance, and is a company driven by strong corporate values based on the highest level of integrity.

Low cost source

Smash Blast Electronics is recognized as a low-cost source of Electronic Procurement Services (EPS) and products without sacrificing quality, technology, or on-time delivery.

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